5 Reasons to Vape Salt-Based Nicotine E-Liquids

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that salt-based nicotine is the new vaping craze that almost definitely isn’t going anywhere.  This relatively new development in the vaping industry has given users the ability to satisfy their cravings like never before.

Switching from freebase nic vape juices to salt nic vape juices requires a lot of adjustment.  First of all, the type of vaping experience that you get with this kind of nicotine is very different in terms of flavor, throat hit and vapor production.  Secondly, salt nicotine vape juices are only compatible with pod systems, which means that users need to trade in their box mod setups for this type of device.

But the tradeoff is that most vapers find this style of vaping to be far more satisfying.  So, if you’re thinking about making the switch, allow us to convince you further.

What is a Salt-Based Nicotine E-Liquid?

First, let’s discuss what salt-based nicotine e-liquid is, and how it differs from vape juice that’s made with freebase nicotine.  Bear in mind that salt-based nicotine is also frequently referred to as nicotine salts and salt nic. 

Freebase nicotine is what was used exclusively by vape juice companies up until a couple of years ago.  This type of nicotine was created by big tobacco companies in the 1950s, and it has been chemically modified to be extremely potent.  The problem, however, is that this type of nicotine doesn’t really hold up in the high-wattage box mod systems that most vapers were using up until the point when salt-based nicotine became a popular product.  Freebase nicotine feels very harsh when it’s heated to high temperatures, so the only way to enjoy it is to vape it at a low wattage, which just doesn’t give users a very satisfying hit of nicotine.

Salt-based nicotine, however, is extremely potent because it’s taken from the tobacco plant and blended with benzoic acid.  It can be vaped in high concentrations with low-wattage devices. 

Salt-based nicotine e-juice contains the same ingredients as its freebase counterpart, except for the fact that the type of nicotine is different.

How are Salt Nic Vape Juices Packaged?

If you’ve been using a sub-ohm setup, you know that freebase nic e-liquid comes in large bottles.  However, salt-nic vape juice comes in smaller packages, because the vaper doesn’t go through as much of it, for reasons we’ll explain in a bit.  Basically, salt nic vape juice is packaged in two different ways.

Closed Pod Systems

Closed pod systems are pod systems that utilize disposable pod cartridges that are pre-filled with e-liquid.  The user can only use cartridges created by the manufacturer of the device that they’re using.

Open Pod Systems

Open pod systems come with refillable, empty pod cartridges that can be filled with any salt nic e-liquid.  Therefore, salt nic e-liquids compatible with open pod systems come in small bottles.

Making a Choice to Try It

Now that you have a better understanding of saly-based nicotine, here’s why you should choose to vape it.

Reason #1: The Nicotine is More Satisfying to Former Smokers

The most popular reason for switching to salt-based nicotine e-juice is because the nicotine is just more satisfying.  Salt-based nicotine, like we said, is much more potent, meaning that users can satisfy their nicotine cravings more effectively.  It’s also absorbed into the body in a way that’s very similar to cigarettes, meaning that users can get a gentle nicotine buzz immediately after vaping it.

Reason #2: You Can Spend Less Money on Vaping

Most salt nic users find that they go through less money on e-liquid each month.  This is for a few reasons, one of them being that they feel more satisfied with fewer hits.  So, this means that you’ll almost definitely save money on e-juice after switching to nicotine salts.  And, as a vaper, you know that this hobby can get quite expensive.

Reason #3: It’s Compatible with Extremely User-Friendly Devices

As we said earlier, salt nic e-liquids are only compatible with pod mod systems.  Now, these systems have their own unique benefits as well.  For one thing, they’re portable, which means that they’re pocket-friendly, whereas box mod systems are notoriously heavy and clunky.

Pod mod devices are also far easier to operate and maintain.  They’re all-in-one systems, meaning that there are less parts to familiarize yourself with and clean on a regular basis.  Most pod mods don’t require that you adjust a bunch of settings before using them, which means that they’re extremely easy to use.  With most pod devices, you won’t find any buttons or display screens, because you simply pull on the mouthpiece and you’re good to go.

Reason #4: You Won’t Get Large Clouds, So it’s More Discreet

A lot of vapers love blowing the huge clouds that are possible with sub-ohm systems, but not everyone loves exhaling massive billows of thick, fluffy vapor.  For one thing, those clouds are pretty indiscreet, and not every vaper wants to enjoy their hobby while attracting all of that attention.  Also, some people just don’t like surrounding themselves with thick vapor whenever they want to take a couple puffs. 

The reason why you don’t get huge clouds with pod mods is because they’re low-wattage systems.  The lower the wattage, the less vapor is produced per puff.  This means that you’re only going to get a small stream of vapor, and the amount is about the same as a cloud of cigarette smoke that occurs after the exhale.

Reason #5: It’s More Similar to Smoking an Analog

In several ways, vaping salt nic e-juice is a lot like smoking an analog.  This means that if you’re a former smoker, chances are that switching to this vaping style will provide you with more satisfaction overall, which can help you stay off of cigarettes.

One thing is that this type of nicotine gives you a more powerful throat hit.  That throat hit is the same feeling you get when pulling in cigarette smoke.  Many vapers find that it’s the throat hit that satisfies their cravings. 

Additionally, the pod systems that are compatible with salt-based nicotine e-juices look and feel more like cigarettes.  They’re very slim and can fit between the fingers.

You’re Now Ready to Enter the Nic Salt Realm

As you can see, there are plenty of reasons why you should make the switch from freebase nicotine to nicotine salts.  If you’re looking for a more powerful hit of nicotine, a more convenient way to vape and a way to save some cash, switching is a no-brainer.  And, you’ll be far from alone as countless vapers are finding that salt-based nicotine makes for a more pleasurable vape overall.

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